Letter to Pet named Maverick

Dear Maverick,

I wish you were human as me or a specially trained puppy to read letter like this. I wish I had the power to transform you to read, too. But, it is what it is; we know we loved each other. That is all that matters. I like you when you wagged your tail and come running towards me and giving those kisses. What can I say, you being you : )

So, our bond started this way.

I don’t know if you could remember this. I was dog sitting you- Maverick: you were little and cute puppy with white fur, happy and stubborn at times. Your mom placed you in my care for a week. She was on vacation. (Your mom will tell you where she has been or you were aware if she told you) lol

The first fewer days went well. You’ve been nice and good. We watched YouTube videos together and part of your body was on my lap and rest was on the sofa. And I remembered you gave me a guilty look because you fart. But I smiled and said, you good and patted you. The hikes and walks we did been so far so good, though at times you didn’t pay attention even if I called you three times. And it’s hilarious you responded to me at your accord. That’s okay..

Wednesday, July 26 is the date to remember. A day you had accident. A day you shocked me. A day your mom hasn’t the enjoyed the vacation to its fullness. A day you were in danger of losing your breathe. You’ve been good the early hours of that day. I mowed the lawn and you watched. It’s about noon I crated you and I went off to Belpre. It was at Belpre that I felt something strange troubling me. And I could sense. I told my friends, I must leave. It’s something of that spirit or nature that I feel automatically when things that are concerning me are in danger. So, there you were, wet and shocked and bleeding, in accident, in the crate, at the basement. Your white fur was hardly recognized, it was cloudy, milky and dark. I kneeled down and laid my hand on you. It’s been so cold-your body and I thought you were gone to the vast unknown. I placed my hand carefully on your chest and thanked goodness, your heart was beating and I called you by named and I got choked. I cried. Then I called your mom on phone, but I wasn’t able to talk, my throat was cloaked. Your mom was so shocked and was crying on the other end.

I gave you water and you drank. It was miracle in itself. I prayed in my heart without spoken words out of my mouth. Eventually, Hannah talked to Andrea, and there she came for our rescue. We drove off and rushed you to the vet hospital. Your time at the vet, our visits to the hospital and the rest is history. (Maverick, ask Andrea for her portion of the story).

It is through this accident I felt so connected in deeper sense to you and how much you were meant to me. My perspectives on animals changed that day. You changed my life to love animals. And I love you, Maverick. I know you love me too. Nothing can separate this bond between us. I made you a picture book with notes, but I’m in a situation that I can’t afford to print it out now. Eventually, I will.

I wrestle to be positive in any situation because I have learned that life is too short to be anything. And I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason. So, whether you are crated in, or being outside or going for walk, enjoy them. Be a good boy and do nice to your mama.

Your buddy.


The Chase Of Horizon

  • new_year_road_horizon-1024x640

At this day and age, where electronic gadgets are the medium that connects us to the rest of the world, accessing so instantly at a speed of that of a splitting second, tapping the readily available apps on the electronics, especially with smartphones, ipads, kindles, laptops, you have access to the world at the palm of your hand while enjoying the freedom, relaxations and sitting at your favorite cozy sofa at home and watching sitcoms or even on the go. Mass of information are taking in. Fewer information may be good and helpful and informative, and others may not-maybe destructive.

So this movement is real, the aggressive tensions to cope with ever rapidly changing societies and it’s adaptions to the classic world of 21st century and the centuries to come. The media portraits everything to be perfected; from fashions to supermodels, flashy cars to ultra supersonic jets, dietary plans to perfect body and so on creates non stop struggles for the millennials, and added much headaches to the already striving middle ages. So sad that our seniors are overloaded and crippled by all this. But, this effort to put up with the fastest changing societies won’t be stopped and will ever be constant scuffles. I called this wrestles to adaptions to fit in to the changing world as chasing the infinite horizon and one’s brawls for perfection is limitless. This will go on for humanity as is part and parcel of life cycle regards to societal stance, and the way that makes one feels and gives the sense of belonging to the society.

Perfectionism is the utter enemy of creativity.

It prevents us from exploring venues readily available at the conveniences. Yet, instead of adventuring into what is at hand, we wait for perfect day, perfect moments, perfect job, perfect boy/girlfriend etc, but to be realistic, we know it doesn’t work that way. Every moment is just good enough to explore and unleash the creativity within.

It is only in the process of getting out of the cozy zone that we develop and bring forth the creativity within to be appreciated and to perfection, and flow with the changing world; struggling simultaneously.

If you would have told me..

Mountains are blue in the far distance. It generates sparks of wanting and attempting to fly off into the wild blue yonder. It is only because we can’t see that far with our naked eyes. If we get closer, there’s no such thing as blue as it appeared from distance but just normal scenic views.

The earth spins, the stars glows, flowers blossoms, rain falls, rainbows come and go, people grow old, and life goes on. All these happened everyday without us having to do anything. We can only tell by the changes that appears to our visibilities. Sometimes, changes are beautiful as pleasing to the eyes and so welcoming to the hearts. Sometimes, changes are as ugly as rotten eggs that stings.

So, the streets we used to play turned strange and haunted, dimmed and dulled, the warm-hearted people materialized to be unhappy, the Victorian-style buildings on both sides of the alleys appeared it had been there for ages pasted, and seemed ghosts and zombies breading squatters. It’s because you were gone.

Memories are made, and love stays in the hearts. Someone can touches your heart in a minute that could have lasting impact for lifetime. Special things that happens in lives are indescribable- so precious and is only held within.

Well, all this was to said that, how much I wish you were back here. So we could go out like back in the old days, playing that silly goofy games that doesn’t made sense to people, but it does to us only because we have one thing in common. That one thing, we don’t talk about, though its there, we knew it. We could talked about anything, I mean anything, but that one thing, we didn’t. We were waiting that long ‘for who’ to melted the ice first. The waiting has gone from minutes to hours to days to weeks than to months turns to years. Years has come and gone!

‘Love’ was that one thing..We both knew it- we loved each other, but we didn’t spoke to each other about it and made it obvious. On your birthday, I bought you red rose, and said I love you more than friend. But, you overlooked and acted as if you don’t care.  Years pasted and many more birthdays were celebrated.

Now, you have grown wings and a time to fly has arrived. Just before you left, in my mailbox, you left a note stating ‘you love me’. But you were gone and never to be seen again. If you would have told me, if you would have told me earlier, things would have been different, but now you are gone, never to be seen again.



The Evening Light


It’s October, it’s Autumn; the mornings getting foggy, chilly, yet so beautiful as the sun is up raising, smiling and glowing its familiar rays of lights. The mountains looks amazingly spectacular over there on the yonder as trees adapted to the season, changing to autumn’s leaves; yellow, brown and greenish- it’s so beautiful and colorful. It’s fall!

The day lights are getting shorter and nights getting longer. Another indication of the changes. So, it brings the evenings as essential for walking, running, sightseeing or just relaxing outside on the front porch on the rocking chair.

Instead, I drove my old 1994 f150 xlt truck along the Ohio river headed to Civitan Park in Belpre, Ohio.   It’s so cool and calm. The birds singing making its melodies, automobiles burns gasoline and making deafening sounds, children playing at the playground on the park and mothers watching with watchful eyes as if they would fly away likes birds gave me stomach ached and intermixed feeling.

I parked my truck on the park and walked to the very edge of the river. There, its this magnificent sunset that captured my heart and mind. The evening light-so rare and beautiful. The photo can do injustice to what I saw. It was lovely.

My soul long for serenity. A place of restfulness and calmness yet I can’t think of any. This world is in chaos. Every places has its problem. The only place where true peace, serenity and restfulness are only found within. It’s in you that has to have peace with yourself. Contentment plays significant role. So, what ever you find in your life, whether it be having a loving wife/husband, or cleaning job or being a CEO, etc, mold it, shape it, nurture it, hold it firmly with both hands and do it wholeheartedly. There, you find happiness and contentment. You would radiate joy, peace and happiness to the people around you like this evening light, rare and unique.

Autumn 🍂

Autumn 🍁

The world is so beautiful, but I don’t need to tell you that because every person takes notice.

For me, it’s usually in the natural beauty. Like the foggy, chilly but beautiful mornings. Or when the day is dawn and the sun is up raising and it smile through the windows. Or a snowy winter day that makes you drink more coffee and gets high on caffeine or even watching squirrels fighting over ugly wild nuts.

But now, it’s autumn, it’s beautiful. The leaves are yellow, greenish and brown- colorful and naturally painted. The scenery is wonderful to see with admiration and wonder. Then we say, it’s fall.

It wouldn’t be so bad when we are happy, trees dances and the sun eyeing every cracks and places. Or it could be so horrible if what we are feeling changes the places around us.

Nonetheless, we should be happy for the natural beauty does not flow in our feelingly, and it keeps its sudden beauty there for us to grab.

Beauty still lives on and it lives in us within.

Friendship Matters.

A friend that bring smile.

Friendship is important. No one can say there’s no need of friends. We all need friends.

With friends we share laughters, jokes, talks, politics, beliefs systems,religious faith and so on. It is the little things that we do and share add values to the friendship.

However, a real test of friend is shown when you encountered problems. A true friend will stay by you, walk beside you, encourages you, always sees good in you, and won’t be afraid to show off you even if when you are in problems or in an ugliest situations. A true friend won’t let you fall when you’re hanging on the cliffs, but will offer help with helping hands and pulls you up. A genuine friend that come to aid in your worse time is like watering a plant that is about to die is given a second chance to live and counts its value.

There are three types of friends that you won’t forget in your life.

1. A friend that leaves you when facing hard time.

2. A friend that stays with you in the midst of the worse time of your life.

3. A friend that helps you in your bad situations and problems.

Can you remember a time when someone encouraged you, motivated you, help you? The feeling that you felt was indescribable. Hope and inspiration restored in hopelessness situations. It is the worth of genuine friend that adds value and worth in you.

What about your friends? Can you think of any of your friends that are facing problems or discouraged right now? Maybe today is your turn to help, encourage, motivate, inspire, and to put loving kindness in action (deeds).

May our Heavenly Father help us to be a friend that bring smile in the midst of a worse situation in our friends’ lifetime.

Talking, Smiling & Waiting At Laundromat.

So, I pulled my dirty laundry basket. Grabbed it, lifted up and held tightly with both hands and walked outside of my studio apartment to the truck. Open the passenger side door of my old rusty f150 xlt truck and gently put the laundry basket on the seat. I hoped in, put the key into the ignition switch, turned it on, the engine started its usual sound as it burns the gasoline producing (toxic chemicals) carbon dioxide passed out of the exhaust pipe and it dispersed into the air.

The laundry mart is one mile apart from the apartment. So, in between the distance, I passed Speedway gas station, Pizza Hut, McDonald, Family Dollar, US postal office, a beautiful hair salon shop, CVS pharmacy, many other stores and Dollar General, just by the laundromat.

I carefully jumped out of the truck, picked up the laundry basket, shut the doors and walked into the laundromat. I settled the dirty laundry basket on one of the tables close to the huge washing machine. I opened the door (lid) and put the clothes in for wash. That particular machine eats up to 22 quarters and it’s worth it. (I have used it before and it does a great job). It does cleanse close to perfection.

In the laundromat, only three people were in waiting on the laundry. I was one of the three. On the far end, was this elderly woman, well groomed and good looking (healthy & well) at her age.

She smiled at me and said, young man, could give me a hand. I answered, sure. I helped her collected the quarters she dropped and put them into the machine.

We talked while waiting. She told some interesting stories, though some were so bored. I kept on listening, smiling and nodding my head, signaling her of my attention. Eventually, I realized it was her life in nutshell.

Moreover, I wheeled her laundry baskets to her car. Put them on the back seat of her SUV. Here, she smiled again and said, young man, you would be a good husband one day. It’s unfortunate that all my granddaughters are married. She added, you got smile. It’s contagious; keeping smiling, it’s an open door. Thank you for helping!

And I thought, a smile and a helping hand, can open one’s heart, or it can make a day for someone, and it’s another way of connecting to people.

She surely made my day!

Mama is a special gift of God to me.

A mother is an angel not in the realm of spirit, but in physical world.

Someone said that, of all the gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest of them all.

So, I mediated on it and contemplated. I thought of my mother as never before. She is just a mother, who lives in the village. She is educated up to only sixth grade. She is ordinary mother- a village woman as other village women out there. But she is special to me and she means the world.

She can sing melodies so well. She is the best cook. She can sew clothes not only to make her living, but make clothes for her kids in the Sunday school class. She is outspoken and has a compassion heart for humanity. And she does all that a mother could do.

Caring, compassion and thoughtfulness are just natural gifts God gave you, mother!

You have taught me many things; which have helped great deal in my life. Like cooking skills, sewing, to trust God, to have faith in Him, and to know God is in control of every situations and challenges, nonetheless. The funniest thing I can’t hardly forget is the story of how you and dad first got acquainted. Not to mention I got my height from you- short, and soft hearted- living for humanity, touching the hearts of people with helping hands of loving kindness and in deeds, as I can in my capacity-though I’m limited with resources, but I can give them smile- it’s costless!

Mama, though I’m young adult, I need your support anyways. But I can’t tell you since we are living thousands miles apart and in two different continents. Two things I know for sure is that you never cease praying for me and that is more than enough to keep substantiate all, and being far away yet so close in your heart.

You’re well aware that I have no pearls, no silvers , no golds, no diamonds, to offer in exchange for all you have done. But I promise, the only gifts I can offer is my devotion, love and care.

Mama, you’re kind, you’re special, you’re beautiful and a precious soul. You’re loved for just being you you. You’re my inspiration and a shining star!

A boy that has nothing to offer, but only a loving heart

Knight in disgusting outfits

He has no house, but a hut. A toolkit and a land. No wagon nor sliver or gold. He has no valuable gifts to offer, but a wild flower with gigantic love and a loving heart.

He loves you. He admires you. He thinks he has all to know you the only one he has in his heart. But he fears if you look at knights with glories.

He is hard working. He is humble. He is honest. He is kind. He is loving. He is real. He has qualities uneasily notice.

He respect you. He is there when you need him. He listen to you. He talks to you everyday. He appreciates the smallest things you do. He tells you, you are beautiful. He makes you smile. He loves you.

He is a knight in disgusting outfits.

Intransigent heart, let people in..

Open the door of your heart and be free…

“The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings. It makes us patient, sensitive, and Godlike. It teaches us that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” Helen Keller.

The world is growing faster, from climate change to population growth to discoveries in science and technologies, and things happens in life. Like losing your beloved mother in terrible car accident or your only child killed in terrorist attacked. The painfulness in breaking up of long standing relationship that presents you false sensation of never to fall in love again, or even striving to discover masterful art of tactics to survive without so called money in a world money, and not to mention stories we see and hear on media outlets of traumatizing catastrophic events ensued everywhere…Life is unpredictable!

Inevitably, almost everyone, (or if you agree) all people everywhere have had their turns and shares of life. But then, what’s more depressingly disgusting and psychologically crippling is when reminiscing and replaying the tapes (of what happens in your life) in your mind. It’s hard, but try to let go and erase the memory lanes once and for all.

Emptying memory lanes is frankly difficult, but it’s worth eliminating by all means. It means opening the intransigent heart – the heart of rock, so solid and stubborn and giving up your comfort zone; replace it with something new and refreshing. Share your heartaches with people. You will feel relief, and could surely sense the essence of freshness and lightening the burden to nothingness.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situations but your thoughts about it.” Ecogart Tolle.

Let people into your heart and share the experiences with them. You are not independent. You need people, and people need you. People helps restore sense of hope and optimistic.   Stand for each other and share a cry- it’s healthy!

“Healing isn’t about changing who you are. It’s changing how you feel about who you are.” Suzanne Heyn.