Why I Love You More

I went to our ‘used to be’ favorite park. I listened to your songs and I wanted to cry. I am stronger than I ever was without you. But I still don’t want to let you go. I love you so much.

Your beauty, together with your character makes me speechless. But I can feel my heart as it fills for you, even still I don’t want to talk to you. It’s not even enough any more.

You would have to grab me by the hands, push me up against the wall and let me look deep into your eyes again. Remember how we felt when we first held hands. Your soft voice that I heard you speak. I want you to use it when you talk to me.

I want to kiss you and hold you so tightly. But you’re still sacred I could slip from your arms. You leave my body feeling so warm yet so cold shaking with such an intense feeling that I keep trying to bottle up and give away how wonderful you are. There aren’t enough bold words to describe your loveliness.

In spite of the fact that life is difficult and never warrants anybody what they want. I will keep on loving  you more because I can not keep you.



It’s December! Yes, that’s means Christmas.  We have been waiting for it, and now we’re into it. We have waited for several reasons. For some it may mean a break from work, school, or time for adventure, or a time to visit families and friends long abandon, or have been waiting and anticipating to receive that present on the 25th day of this month, as the norm..getting present of any form on the Christmas day. Yes, we waited!

At any given point in time, we find ourselves waiting on something. We might be waiting on something small or could be something that will change the course of our lives. We have waiting lanes, waiting rooms, we wait on phones, we wait to move from point A to B. It seems we all wait.

According to the Bible in Luke2:25-38, Simeon and Anna waited. Simeon waited for some time in his life and Anna waited 84 years before they saw Jesus. Both people were devoted to the Lord. Both of them were God fearing people. Both of them were righteous. Both waited and have seen the first coming of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth. The fact is they’ve waited.

Anna waited for 84 years. She fasted and prayed day and night in the process of waiting. Simeon waited for some time in his life to see Christ. The waiting place is the hardest place. The waiting place is where we learned patience. The waiting place is where determination developed. The waiting place is where endurance developed. The waiting place is where we learned to trust more in God. The waiting place is where God purifies us, allowing the impurities of our lives to come to the surface. The waiting place is the process. We can trust that God will not allow us to remain in the waiting place one moment longer than it takes to accomplish His purposes. We can’t say that we are praying for God’s will and trusting in His timing if we are not willing to wait.

Every waiting place is God’s way of preparing us to see God face to face, to witness miracles beyond all we hope for or imagine. The Holy Spirit can speak to us and show us things that others can’t see, know or understand.

Jesus’ coming offers hope, light and salvation to all people of all nations. Our heavenly Father has signed His will to sent His only begotten Son to died for our sins. We (believers) have excepted him as our personal savior and Lord. Now, we are waiting to enter His kingdom to enjoy our heavenly treasures. It is not over yet. We are waiting. As the saying goes “Good things are worth waiting for.” If good things are worth waiting for, than our anticipation for second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is worth the wait. We have reason to wait and celebrate this Christmas. Celebrate that Jesus came to this earth in human form and died to redeem us from the bondage of sin. Celebrate in waiting of the second coming of our savor Christ Jesus.

Merry Christmas!!


Branding Video

This is Thai Commercial ad for Thai life Insurance. It has over 7 millions views. 50 577 thumbs up “likes.” Published on April 4, 2014. Winner of best ad 2014.

This ad is portraying that every life matters. Regardless of whatsoever, they think everyone is unique and they care. The ultimate goal of the ad is to tell people that they do care for one’s life.

I believe this ad can inspire to change heart. The character is humanity-loving artist, full of compassion and selfless. A simple act of kindness can change one’s heart and give them hope for the future. Happiness is found by helping people when they needed. The moment you step up to help, it bring joy and enlighten their world. What you gain by assisting people are attitude of gratitude, respect, love, joy and these are priceless-money can’t buy.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love,” Mother Teresa. “You must be the change you want to see in the world,” Mahatma Gandhi.

This commercial ad can make one more likely to give than to buy insurance. It can also make one feel blessed and be appreciative of what one has. One can also learned that some things taken for granted may means much more to many parts of the world where life is much harder.

You would hardly find that this ad is about insurance industry (life insurance) until the very end. Believe in good. Everyone matters!


Target Audience: Williams Family Coffee Shop


Age: 40+ years old. People in this group are more likely to talk about the business and its products to their friends, workmates, children and their grandchildren.

Sex: Both men and women

Education: Some of them have masters/graduate degree and some are on retirement. Others have college level educations.

Family Life: Most of them have good families. Married, have children and grand children. They are living life.

Salary: Though all of the them have steady jobs while others are on retirement, they don’t spend much here. Thus, the income for the business would most likely be less than $15000.

Location: William Coffee Shop is located in Lowell, Ohio. The family uses the first floor of their home for the business. It is familiar with the residents of the area and the nearby communities. It is hard for perspective customers to identify.

Transportation: Almost every body drive. Only few of them choose to walk to the coffee shop to make it as part of their exercise.


This group of people are not very interested in having multiple accounts on social platforms. They are good with one or two at the most. They are familiar using Facebook, followed by Twitter, then Instagram. They are could be classified as Spectators. Some of them are non participants. They have accounts but they don’t use them regularly. So they can also be classified as Inactive. However, only handful of them are Creators. They could create new context, post about businesses or products.

Social Platforms

The following analysis is made according to ( Social Media Update 2014, 2015, Jan 9) http://www.pewinternet.org/2015/01/09/demographics-of-key-social-networking-platforms-2/

Since the target audience are 40+, there is great variation in social media usage.

Facebook: Ages 30-49 82%,  50-64 65%,  65+ 49%

Twitter: Ages 30-49 29%, 50-64 13%, 65+ 6%

Instagram: Ages 30-49 28%, 50-64 11%, 65+ 4%


The Williams Coffee Shop is not on any of the social media platforms. By looking at the analytical data I would recommend them to have at least two accounts. Obviously, one could be facebook. The target audiences, at large, uses facebook as major medium to digest information.




Jour117: Social Media Habits

Celebrity Vs Politician

Meghan Trainor Vs Ted Cruz

Meghan Trainor and Ted Cruz both use social media to articulate information to inform their audiences or the followers.


Meghan Trainor is a singer, songwriter and record producer. She uses the social media platforms to promote and advertise her albums as well as for fame and popularity. She has millions of followers on respective social media platforms.However, when compared to her facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat accounts; instagram has the highest number of followers. Facebook, twitter and snapchat have more than two million followers while instagram has six million plusscreenshot_2016-09-13-10-58-02

She pays no attention on comments by her followers on all the social media platforms. Any comments by her fans on her posts were merely responded by followers themselves.

IMG_20160913_153221 (1).jpg

Pretty much everything is shared on the social media platforms with exception of few variations.


Ted Cruz is a lawyer by profession and United States Senator from Texas. He uses social media platforms to inform people on politics, national security, national issues, social morality and ethics. Most of his followers were people in their 50s and above. All information were shared on every social media platforms. However, when compared to his facebook, twitter, and instagram; twitter has 1.55 million followers, followed by instagram and than facebook.


His facebook account has less than half a million factions but logical rational comments were made there. He pays no attentions to the comments posted by the followers on the social media. Comments were responded by followers themselves by replying to each other.


The differences between these two public figures were to do with emotions and morality and justice. Meghan’s songs were appealing to emotions while Ted concerned on society’s well being and fairness in general. Meghan has followers  who were interested in music or entertainments and Ted has followers who were interested in politics and social integrity and accountability. Both of them made famed and gained popularity because of followers and off course  by their talents and abilities.